Coming to Kickstarter August 2016!

<p>The 3DBenchy is a printer torture test¬†– a model that challenges every aspect of a printer. On this (rather cute) boat there are overhangs, bridges, fine details, small structures, and sharp edges. All of these aspects make it an ideal print to test a printer’s quality. Here at Pingo3D we […]</p>
<p>This awesome model (thing:470700) was printed in white PLA at 0.2mm layer height. The print was done without support, and turned out flawlessly. Enjoy!</p>
<p>A really neat moai (thing:149271) printed at a 100 micron layer height in orange PLA. An absolutely flawless print, try to find any layer lines!</p>
<p>A print in the coffee HTPLA from Proto Pasta. This is a really cool material, and it even smells like coffee! The print is a single-perimeter rocket (thing:458903) in spiral vase mode at 0.2mm layer height.</p>

The run-down:

Open-Source Design

Great for makers and tinkerers

High Quality

50 micron layer height for stunning prints


Starting at just $400

Easy Assembly

Simple design and detailed instructions

Quality Design

Pingo is built with high-quality components. We use precision laser-cut panels, custom machined stainless-steel linear rods, an authentic hotend from E3D, reliable electronics from Sainsmart, and actual leadscrews instead of the problematic threaded rods used in many cheap printers. All of these design considerations make a dependable printer with truly great quality.

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